Connect to banks, easily

Yapily helps you deliver a faultless customer experience, while staying on top of an ever-changing Open Banking compliance landscape.

Zero legacy

Designed for open banking and delivering seamless connectivity

Most trusted

Only technology company to be selected by IBM for open banking offering

Global scale

Reaching new markets and bigger volumes as open banking API’s are released

Effortless connectivity to unlock financial information

Using a single open API, you can access the data you need to enrich the end-users experience. From aggregating, categorising and enriching account information, to initiating payments and transactions, your business gains the visibility to offer personalised financial advice.

By eliminating the technical barriers, Yapily enables any business to interact with customers using one seamless, secure connection. Banks, financial providers and developers have the building blocks to build, connect and monitor their own API’s for communication within minutes.

  • Create, build and scale applications

  • Enrich customer experience

  • Monitor key performance metrics

IBM has partnered with Yapily to deliver a platform and a set of services that you can use to easily integrate PSD2 and open banking APIs into your processes.
Carlo Marcoli, Solution Architect at IBM

The Yapily Platform

Account Information Services (AIS)

Effortlessly connect to your customer’s financial data for an enriched customer experience

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Payment Initiation Services (PIS)

Enable your customers to make secure, low-cost transfers, payments and purchases

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Performance and Monitoring

Keep track of your Institution's key performance metrics using a regulated, reliable API service

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Flexibility and Innovation

In a new era of communication, customers expect access to services and information, across every device, anywhere in the world.

As open banking paves the way for more flexibility and innovation, it creates a minefield for financial providers to deliver a faultless customer experience, while staying on top of an ever-changing compliance landscape.

What are you going to build today?