Make investing easy with open banking

Help customers manage and invest their money faster by streamlining customer onboarding and enabling instant account top ups with open banking.

Access multiple accounts from one connection

Enable users to view all of their transactions in one app and instantly top up their account with a single integration.

Yapily retrieves and categorised data from multiple accounts which empowers businesses to respond to customer needs in real-time.

Open banking data gives providers the ability to automate and create innovative solutions enabling their users to improve their financial wellbeing by investing in their future.

Yapily’s API technology is unrivalled, and its coverage across Europe is extensive, so this partnership provides us with a scalable solution for customers.
Giovanni Dapra, CEO at Moneyfarm

Instant account top ups

Streamline account and digital wallet top ups with instant payments.

Save money on payment fees

Completely bypass interchange fees with account-to-account payments.

Streamline onboarding

Improve user onboarding with access to real-time identity data.

How it works

  • 1

    User selects their bank

  • 2

    Provides consent

  • 3

    Authorises the payment

  • 4

    All done, user is automatically redirected back to the app