Effortless connectivity

Designed for developers by developers

Secure Architecture

Our secure architecture enables strong logging, audit and monitoring capabilities to facilitate bank-grade connection security. We are ISO 27001:2013 certified, use OpenID and OAuth2

Live Data

Receive real-time data feeds only through securely authorised bank API channels, not by screen scraping sensitive customer data

Comprehensive Toolkit

Elegant, self-start onboarding enables developers to register their apps, obtain keys, upload certificates and adopt live bank integrations efficiently

Scalable Infrastructure

Whether you are a small fintech innovator or giant brand-sensitive enterprise, use our high-performance, auto-scalable API infrastructure to scale quickly

Normalized Data

Aggregate data from multiple bank API endpoints and access it in “ready-to-use” format for customer KYC, accounts, balances and transactions

Open Banking Guidance

We are an award-winning technical service provider and member of the prestigious Open Banking Technical Design Authority. In addition, to live support, we can provide industry-leading advice

Democratising financial innovation

One integration to manage, monitor and maintain connections with banks so you can focus on product

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