Instantly verify your customer’s identity

Accelerating customer onboarding and identifying risk using trusted account information

Know your customer, instantly

In an evolving regulatory environment, businesses are looking for a faster and affordable way of identifying customers. With time consuming processes and a lack of consistency across customer information, high risk industries are exposed to fraud-related losses. Yapily enables your business to instantly verify and understand customers - without having to ask for their data. Using one seamless connection, Yapily fetches account information directly from your customer’s bank allowing you to focus on the best customer onboarding experience while protecting your business.

By digitising identity verification, a typical bank could save €10m a year.
Mitek and Consult Hyperion

Built and designed for Open Banking

Real-time bank connectivity to power your KYC engine

Single source of truth

Retrieve trusted account information directly from the customer’s bank account

Reduce identity theft

Ensure customers are who they say they are and minimise your business risk

Accelerate onboarding

Verify identities, improve onboarding and increase conversion

Trusted and secure

We use data to continuously improve performance, service and experience without ever compromising on security or selling clients’ data

How it works

  • Integrate with Yapily

    A single integration to Yapily gives access to thousands of bank connections - all of which are meticulously tested and support Open Banking standards.

  • Access secure and trusted financial data

    Users are taken through a seamless journey to select and give consent to share account information and initiate single, recurring and domestic payments.

  • Unlock customer data to reveal valuable insight

    Categorised transactions provide actionable insights into financial history, spending patterns and income behaviours allowing you to better serve your customers