Increasing lending and reducing risk

Empowering lenders with enriched data and valuable insight to make better lending decisions

Make bad lending decisions a thing of the past

Legacy models, KYC checks and customer verification are putting cost pressures on lenders. Additionally, cumbersome affordability checks are exposing companies to more risk which is causing a bottleneck for favourable borrowing.

Yapily seamlessly connects and retrieves financial data so that lenders can build an accurate picture of their customers in real-time. Harnessing deep-learning technology, Yapily provides access to categorised transaction data to uncover invaluable insight. From spending patterns, sources of income, debt and identity verification, lenders can build a customer profile to deliver customised capital suited to the borrowers needs.

Through harnessing Yapily’s technical expertise, we are able to continue taking on the flawed credit industry and deliver a new approach to lending. The principles of open banking should be adopted by all lenders to eradicate financial exclusion.
Tim Rooney, CEO at Salad Money

Built and designed for Open Banking

Real-time bank connectivity to power your lending applications

Deep-learning categorisation

Using transaction data to uncover valuable insight including spend patterns, sources of income, debt and identity verification

One API, many possibilities

Lenders can save on legacy payment platforms by leveraging the same gateway to process customer payments and collections

Seamless, branded user experience

Yapily powers business applications behind the scenes and is invisible to the consumer

Trusted and secure

We use data to continuously improve performance, service and experience without ever compromising on security or selling clients’ data

How it works

  • Integrate with Yapily

    A single integration to Yapily gives access to thousands of bank connections - all of which are meticulously tested and support Open Banking standards.

  • Access secure and trusted financial data

    Users are taken through a seamless journey to select and give consent to share account information and initiate single, recurring and domestic payments.

  • Unlock customer data to reveal valuable insight

    Categorised transactions provide actionable insights into financial history, spending patterns and income behaviours allowing you to better serve your customers