Changing how businesses
 manage spend

In this case study we look at how Pleo is harnessing the power of open banking
 to redefine business spending 
with Yapily.
Learn how Pleo is harnessing 
the power of open banking 
to redefine business spending 
with Yapily

Previously, finance managers had to go through lengthy and manual payment processes, and play the waiting game as to when the money would land in their account. This added friction in the product experience using Pleo and created unnecessary cash flow uncertainty for the business.

Pleo is on a mission to be the go-to spending solution for forward-thinking teams. It offers its customers a new way to manage business spending by eliminating expense reports, reducing administrative complexity, and simplifying bookkeeping for finance teams.

Single infrastructure to support Pleo’s expansion plans

With open banking and Yapily as their infrastructure provider, Pleo were able to offer their customers a simple and efficient instant payment method for account top-ups across all regions.

This made a significant difference, especially as they expanded into new markets including France and the Netherlands. Instead of integrating and managing separate payment methods and flows, Pleo can now expand into new markets with ease thanks to Yapily’s extensive bank coverage and single API integration.

We have seen great adoption of open banking amongst our customers. €7.3m across UK, Netherlands and France have been topped up by our customers using Yapily’s open banking infrastructure.

Clara Schindler, Product Manager/Payments at Pleo

Read the full Pleo case study here


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