Yapily wins Best Open Banking Solution UK at Banking Tech Awards 2022

In partnership with personal finance app Emma, we’re helping over 30,000 people get more from their money. And our work together has won an award, too.
Yapily wins Best Open Banking Solution UK

Did you know that one in five adults in the UK has less than £100 in savings to fall back on? For those that do have savings, the average savings account rate only sits at 0.14%, meaning there’s little incentive to save for a rainy day.

But with personal finance app Emma, we’re helping people put money away for more than just rainy days. Emma’s app aggregates users’ bank accounts to bring all the information they need onto one platform. Rather than flicking between multiple accounts, Emma users can view all their transactions in one place.

To power their product, Emma needed an open banking provider to connect to thousands of banks… and that’s where Yapily came in. Our (now award-winning) infrastructure enables Emma to aggregate transaction data and balance information from multiple accounts. And we must be doing something right because our partnership won Best Open Banking Solution UK at the Banking Tech Awards 2022!

Since partnering with Yapily, Emma has…

  • Enabled +30,000 users to start investing in July alone
  • Been named as one of the Apple App Store’s top financial apps
  • Benefitted from a 267% month-on-month increase in monthly transaction value
  • Seen total payment consents between July and September exceed the total volume in the previous 12 months combined

About Yapily

Yapily empowers companies like Emma to build personalised financial experiences with real-time insights and instant payments. As an infrastructure platform with the most extensive coverage across the UK and Europe, we exist behind the scenes to help firms – from growth to enterprise – maximise their potential with open banking.

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