Yapily launches open banking solution on AWS Marketplace to expand cloud offering

Open banking infrastructure provider Yapily has launched its first listing on AWS Marketplace, a digital catalogue featuring more than 12,000 products and services.

The collaboration brings wider access to Yapily’s next-generation financial data and payment initiation solutions for customers already using AWS cloud services. This will enable businesses across Europe to develop more innovative and personalised experiences for their customers.

Yapily’s sandbox credentials allow developers using AWS the opportunity to test data and potential customer flows before proceeding to a live environment. Over the coming months, Yapily will be implementing a roadmap of additional features onto AWS Marketplace to further enhance its data and payment solutions for cloud-based customers.

Christian Ball, Head of Partnerships at Yapily, said: “This is an exciting development in our work with AWS. Together, we are bringing access to open banking infrastructure to a wider audience, helping organisations design and develop more inclusive and efficient products and services in the Cloud. Open banking is just the start of the journey towards open finance; it’s critical that organisations have simple and seamless access to the right technology, as well as the ability to test their services, along the way.”

Yapily currently enables its customers to connect to more than 1,600 banks across 17 countries, and recently completed a $51 million Series B funding round to accelerate its growth across Europe and other global markets.

Discover Yapily’s listing on AWS Marketplace here.


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