Open Banking API connectivity

Use our Open Banking API to power any financial application, anywhere in the world. Within minutes, you can build products that will enrich the customer experience and create financial opportunity.

We’re powering you.

We’re invisible, operating behind the scenes, enabling you to provide a seamless customer experience via Open Banking.

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We’re focussed on Open Banking. Our technology approach makes us the best choice for performance, scalability and security.

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We’re empowering Fortune 500 companies, regulators and many innovative scale up tech companies to utilise Open Banking.

Connect to thousands of banks. Effortlessly.

Using a single open API, you can access the data you need to enrich the end-users experience. From aggregating, categorising and enriching account information, to initiating payments and transactions, your business gains the visibility to offer personalised financial products.

By plugging Yapily’s API directly into our platform, we’re able to offer SME customers a smooth and simple way to access their financial information, unlocking real-time insights into their cashflow.
Ola Malomo, Head of Bank Partnerships at Intuit QuickBooks

Open Finance

The future of financial services and secure data sharing, Open Finance is a game changer for almost every industry.

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