How Kolleno Redefined Reconciliation With Open Banking

Financial operations platform Kolleno offers transformative payments and reconciliation with the support of AI and open banking. Discover how they utilised Yapily to supercharge their results and accelerate cash flow.

Businesses are facing critical challenges impacting their efficiency, cash flow, and speed, all which steal focus from their growth. Kolleno is on a mission to solve these problems by collating all data from accounting systems and CRMs to provide an integrated hub with actionable insights. But Kolleno wanted to offer something more; a streamlined reconciliation process which reduces manual error and friction. That’s where Yapily came in.

With the support of Yapily, Kolleno saw:

  • 20% reduction in payment delays
  • 2-5 days saved by Kolleno clients monthly
  • 45% of Kolleno transactions now using open banking

Yapily and Kolleno worked together to integrate open banking solutions that provide a smoother customer experience that offers more secure payment options and real-time settlement of payments. Kolleno was able to offer a better offering for their customers, while also experiencing no chargebacks and fewer delays, often experienced by traditional transfers and direct debits.

This also seamlessly fit with their expansion plans as Yapily could cater to the needs of their EU and US customers, and could still provide the same level of service with customisable workflows and centralised data. Less friction, better results.

“Support & extensive coverage is key for choosing an open banking vendor as we needed a supportive technical team and an intuitive API to meet our growing needs. We chose Yapily due to its extensive coverage across Europe with thousands of bank institutions.” stated Ron Dananberg, CTO & co-founder of Kolleno.

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