Our purpose

We’re here to enable innovative companies to create better and fairer financial services for everyone, through the power of Open Banking.

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Creating a new open world

For many years financial institutions have built barriers around consumer data and the way money moves around the world. Open Banking is breaking down these barriers, enabling secure and scalable access to financial data and payments.

At Yapily we provide the infrastructure layer that powers the next wave of financial innovation by unlocking the power of Open Banking.

We connect to thousands of banks using a secure open API, removing the complexity and enabling seamless access to financial information and payment infrastructure.

We’re building the infrastructure to power the global economy

We combine technology and expertise to unlock the power of Open Banking. Our infrastructure and tools allow any business to enhance their offering by embedding Open Banking into their products and services.

We work directly with banks and regulators to shape the future of Open Banking and Open Finance. Open APIs are the connecting force behind the global economy and we are here to power it.

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Our supporters