Fast, secure Variable Recurring Payments

Maximise recurring revenue by enabling faster, more secure, me-to me payments.

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Banks and institutions seamlessly integrate with our platform


Countries and counting, with the majority of banks covered in the UK and Germany


Applications created by customers, powered by Yapily's API

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Prioritise convenience

Access the benefits of open banking technology for recurring payments with a single long-lived consent

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Offer flexibility

Give yourself and your customers more control over recurring payments. Cancel payments immediately, and ensure immediate settlement

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Instant settlement

Always be in control of your cash flow. Using real-time payment rails, funds will land in your account instantly

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Increase efficiency

Save time and effort by streamlining recurring payment collection

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Minimise costs

Completely bypass card schemes, interchange fees, and unnecessary middlemen

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Protect customers

Because Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) is embedded in the VRP payment set-up, they’re the more secure alternative

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Customer selects their bank

To avoid hefty overdraft fees, the user has chosen to sweep money automatically from their personal finance app. To set up automatic sweeping, the user connects their bank account.

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Let us do the heavy lifting

Our API powers your applications behind the scenes so your product takes centre stage.

Simplicity at its core

Quickly and easily go-live with best-in-class developer documentation and hands-on support.

Licence taken care of

Innovate securely across payments and data, without the hassle of additional licences.

Explore our API

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One platform. Limitless possibilities. Let’s build the future together.