Unlock savings & speed for FX & Remittance

Unlock rapid and secure transfers while saving on fees with Yapily’s open banking solutions suited to support FX & Remittance.

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Banks and institutions seamlessly integrate with our platform covering consumer and business payments


Countries and counting, with 95%+ account coverage in the UK and Germany


Applications created by customers, powered by Yapily's API

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Instant top-ups and low-cost transfers

Reduce processing costs and streamline your funding of trades with instant account top-ups. Eliminate hefty card fees and manual entry errors for more secure cross-border payments.

Frictionless experience

Simplify the process with embedded Payment Links to ensure instant payments and eliminate reconciliation hassles. Get access to real-time financial data and a better user experience.

Streamline KYC for instant FX trade funding

Transform KYC and onboarding into a seamless process, allowing quick verification of bank details and ownership, while delivering instant funding directly for easy FX trades.

Comprehensive account aggregation

Empower your customers with a holistic view of their finances by aggregating all their accounts in one place. Enabling more informed decision-making with valuable insights into their financial health.

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One platform. Limitless possibilities. Let's build the future together.