Better, fairer lending with open banking

Integrate with a single API to access data for creditworthiness assessment and payments infrastructure for loan payouts and interest collection.

Automated lending decisions

Yapily seamlessly connects lenders to financial data using open banking, so that lenders can make real-time risk assessment based on consumer's actual financial behaviour.

Harnessing deep-learning technology, Yapily provides access to categorised transaction data to uncover invaluable insight. From spending patterns, sources of income, debt and identity verification, lenders can build a customer profile to deliver customised capital suited to the borrowers needs.

Through harnessing Yapily’s technical expertise, we are able to continue taking on the flawed credit industry and deliver a new approach to lending. The principles of open banking should be adopted by all lenders to eradicate financial exclusion.
Tim Rooney, CEO at Salad Money

Verify income & employment

Automatically identify regular & unpredictable income streams.

Assess and manage credit risk

Assess creditworthiness and affordability using real-time transaction data.

Streamline user onboarding

Improve user onboarding with real-time identity data directly from banks.

How it works

  • 1

    User selects their bank 

  • 2

    Provides consent 

  • 3

    Authorises access to their data 

  • 4

    All done, user is automatically redirected back to the app