Transaction Categorisation & Data Enrichment

Yapily’s Categorisation service helps you to quickly make sense of and organise bank account transaction data derived from open banking.

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100 million+

The Yapily models have seen over 100 million+ unique merchants across the globe


Over 12,000 new merchant are added to the database every day


Our categorisation contains 20+ incoming and 70+ outgoing categories to provide the granularity you need to energise your data strategy.

Create value with categorisation

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Streamline data driven decision making

Make quicker, more accurate and informed assessments about your customers with detailed transaction insight

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Automate data analysis

Automate the analysis of large volumes of valuable data to quickly identify key trends and patterns

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Improve operational efficiency

Reduce the need for manual bank statement checks and optimise the data available through efficient and timely analysis of data

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Add context to your data

Gain a deep understanding of your customer’s transaction data and their spending habits

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Build financial profiles

Gain a more rounded, comprehensive and true view of your customer’s financial behaviour and wellbeing

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Offer more personalised services

Using transaction data to understand spending behaviour, deliver more personalised products and communications to your customers

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Connect to your customer's bank account

Your customer selects their bank from one of our 1,900+ available connections and provides consent to share their transaction data.

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Let us do the heavy lifting

Our API powers your applications behind the scenes so your product takes centre stage.

Simplicity at its core

Quickly and easily go-live with best-in-class developer documentation and hands-on support.

Licence taken care of

Innovate securely across payments and data, without the hassle of additional licences.

Explore our API

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