Open banking infrastructure

Scalable and reliable open banking infrastructure that is built to power the next wave of innovation.

Connect to thousands of banks. Effortlessly.

We connect businesses to thousands of banks using a secure open API, providing strong foundations for innovative businesses to enhance their products and services using open banking. From aggregating, categorising and enriching account information, to initiating payments and transactions, your business gains the visibility to offer personalised products and services.

We wanted a partner that would allow us to scale across Europe with ease and eliminate the need to offer a custom solution in every single market we entered.
Yorick Naeff, CEO at BUX

We’re powering you

We’re the only 100% PSD2 coverage provider making our infrastructure scalable and future proof.

We’re built for this

We’re experts in open banking infrastructure. You build the product, we’ll make sure it works.

We’re customer first

Working directly with banks and regulators to shape the future of open banking for the good of our customers.

Open finance

The future of financial services and secure data sharing, open finance is a game changer for almost every industry.

Explore the endless possibilities of open finance today.