Open stories with Niharika: wear a smile and solve problems

Written by Yapily · March 6th, 2020

Talk to me about your life in India

“I’m from Northern India, in a city called Karnal, which is also the birthplace of female astronaut, Kalpana Chawla!”

Mum always wanted me to be a Teacher, she recognised early on that I knew how to control and manage situations. I used this skill to some degree when I taught Mathematics at University. But what I really wanted to do was solve problems and become an engineer”.

Describe a QA Engineer and how did you get into it?

“A Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer rolls out and thoroughly tests the product for the customer, giving complete assurance that it delivers what they need. You need to put yourself in the end-user shoes and understand how they are using the product. From here, I always plan for different scenarios and create preventative measures and processes.

Similar rules apply for Yapily, by thoroughly testing all bank integrations and ensuring all parties comply with open banking standards to deliver the best functionality and quality connectivity.”

What was it like moving away from India and working in the UK?

“India demanded longer working and commuting hours. My role involved speaking with global clients, on a daily basis, covering different time zones. When I moved to the UK, I found there is a better work-life balance here. There is also the advantage of the UK being closer to Europe, which was my dream destination.”

Within three months, I’ve tested integrations with multiple banks, improving the overall quality of the product.

What has your overall experience been like at Yapily?

“I love it here, the team is empowering and welcoming. I’m not afraid to ask anyone a question or provide input, and because of this, I feel valued.

Within three months, I’ve tested integrations with multiple banks, improving the overall quality of the product. I’ve had feedback that customers feel confident that I will catch anything before it actually happens!”

You are always smiling and have a demanding role. What’s your secret?

“Coming from multiple experiences in development, testing, and support, I’m used to ‘critical’ response environments. I’ve trained myself to be calm in these situations and learnt to wear a smile and face the problem.”

What’s a proud moment for you?

“Having 2 job offers, at the same time, when I moved to the UK.”

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