Yapily's Open Banking Solutions Fuel Uncapped's Mission to Provide Swift Financial Support to Businesses

Yapily, a leading provider of open banking solutions, is delighted to announce its partnership with Uncapped, a pioneering fintech providing working capital funding to scaling brands retailers and merchants across UK, EU and US.

London, UK, 27th February 2024 – Yapily, a leading provider of open banking solutions, is delighted to announce its partnership with Uncapped, a pioneering fintech providing working capital funding to scaling brands retailers and merchants across UK, EU and US. This collaboration significantly bolsters progress in the financial lending sector and democratises access to capital for online companies. Yapily’s open banking platform plays a crucial role in enabling Uncapped to meet and exceed its ambitious goals with accelerated speed and expanded coverage. Alongside Yapily, Uncapped is able to provide funding and offer continued support to growing businesses.

Funding businesses with speed and efficiency

The decision to partner with Yapily was driven by several key factors that align perfectly with Uncapped’s vision and operational needs. Yapily’s exceptional customer support, comprehensive bank coverage, particularly in key markets like the UK, and its ability to facilitate accelerated growth opportunities stood out as pivotal advantages. Furthermore, Yapily’s efficient communication and adaptability have proven instrumental in supporting Uncapped with its 3 core objectives; greater speed, connectivity, and support for businesses as they grow.

Yapily’s query response is faster than Uncapped were previously able to access, regularly receiving thorough and detailed responses within a day. This resulted in response time doubling in speed, which meant a much quicker experience for Uncapped end users.

Uncapped, known for its dedication to funding businesses swiftly, leverages Yapily’s open banking technology to gain a clearer understanding of client finances, thereby providing cash more quickly. This enhanced capability significantly benefits end customers, granting them quicker access to capital and thus bolstering their competitive edge.

Stefano Vaccino, CEO and Founder of Yapily, commented “This partnership portrays the power of our open banking platform coming to life to drive better and faster funding to businesses, enabling them to grow globally. Yapily is designed to empower our clients with speed, efficiency, and expansive bank connectivity across Europe. We are excited to see how this partnership evolves and continues to break new ground in the lending sector."

Extensive coverage and enhancing customer experiences

Yapily’s extensive banking coverage and geographical reach have been crucial in supporting Uncapped’s expansion plans. “Yapily has enabled us to further our penetration in existing markets. For example, in the UK, we are able to connect with far more banks than our previous provider allowing us greater coverage in our domestic market,” said Piotr Pisarz, Uncapped CEO and Founder. “In addition to existing markets, the outlook is promising for new territories as Uncapped looks to launch new markets in the near future.”

The shift to Yapily was a strategic move by Uncapped to embrace a more advanced technological infrastructure and proactive problem-solving capabilities. “The transition to Yapily reflects our commitment to leveraging the most effective solutions in the market. Their superior technology and responsive support are pivotal in enhancing our operational efficiency and adaptability,” commented Piotr Pisarz.

Since the inception of this partnership, Uncapped customers have experienced a tangible improvement in service quality. “We benefit from having direct access to dedicated support from the Yapily team, meaning that we are able to resolve any issue with speed and precision. The impact of this is that the connection process and flow for our customers is far smoother creating a better experience for them and allowing us to help them faster than we were able to before” added Piotr Pisarz.

About Yapily

Yapily is Europe’s leading open banking infrastructure platform solving a fundamental problem in financial services today: access.

It securely connects its customers to thousands of European banks allowing them to access financial data and initiate payments. In this way, Yapily enables innovative companies to embed the power of open banking into their products and services, creating better and fairer financial services for everyone.

Yapily’s customers range from disruptive fintech to industry leaders operating in a number of verticals. It counts Intuit Quickbooks, Pleo, and American Express among hundreds of businesses using its platform today. To date, Yapily has raised $69.4 million in funding and continues to scale across Europe.

About Uncapped

Uncapped is a pioneering fintech company that provides flexible working capital funding for scaling brands, retailers and merchants. By combining advanced technology, data analytics, and flexible funding, Uncapped empowers entrepreneurs to access capital quickly and transparently without giving up control and ownership of their business. The company’s mission is to fuel the growth and innovation of digital brands, driving economic progress and industry transformation.

For more information, visit Uncapped.

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