Bulk payments at a click

Simplify and own your business payments with open banking - suppliers, contractors or payroll all paid from a single bank account in one transaction.

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Supercharge payments

Instantly deliver payments to multiple recipients, directly to their bank, using local payment rails

Minimise costs

Save money by sending payments in bulk, removing the middleman and card scheme fees

Protect customers

Encrypted payments with added strong customer authentication

Improve convenience

Save your business time, energy and money by sending bulk payments in one go

Boost conversion

Automatically pre-populate payee details, speeding up input without manual error

Automate processes

Save time by automating process like bulk refunds, streamlining your business operations



Institutions seamlessly integrated with our open banking infrastructure


Countries and counting, plus our coverage is growing every week


PSD2 API - no legacy technology, no reverse engineering, no compromise

How It Works

Customer selects account

An invoicing platform integrates with Yapily to provide simple, embedded invoice payments for small businesses. A small business owner uses the platform to pay their contractors, selecting which business account they would like the multiple bills and invoices to be taken from and begin the connection journey.

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Use Cases

Invoice payments

Streamline invoices, bill payments and reconcilliation with embedded bulk payments

Payroll management

Automate payroll and save time by eliminating manual processing with payment setup

Business payments

Initiate payments and refunds by embedding payment processing in your business value chain

By developers for developers

  • We do the heavy lifting

    Our API normalises all the boring stuff so you can focus on your product.

  • Simplicity at its core

    We remove the technical complexity, making our API as easy to use and maintain as possible.

  • Licence taken care of

    Yapily’s licence grants you regulated access to open banking data and payments.


“It’s fair to say that Yapily is an integral part of Comma - the value that Yapily adds by delivering API standardisation and bank integrations really helps us focus on our mission to make payments better for SMEs.”

Ger Kelly, Head of Banking at Comma

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