Access financial data seamlessly

Elevate your solutions with the power of open banking. Access financial data in real-time to build better financial products and services.


Enhance performance

Optimise your credit risk models using real-time transaction data

Minimise costs

Reduce manual processes and operational costs with our simple, automated API

Improve inclusion

Open banking data helps you promote and offer more inclusive and fairer financial services

Simplify implementation

Integrate open banking data into your product flows as part of your broader data strategy

Protect customers

Develop enhanced affordability models to keep your customers safe from financial difficulty

Personalise solutions

Improve conversion and customer engagement with hyper-personalised product offerings



Institutions seamlessly integrated with our open banking infrastructure


Countries and counting, plus our coverage is growing every week


PSD2 API - no legacy technology, no reverse engineering, no compromise

How It Works

Customer selects account

An accounting software provider works with Yapily, enabling them to automatically pull client transaction data onto its platform. A small business owner wants to use the platform to get more insight into their cash position and selects the single or multiple accounts they want to review.

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Get the full picture

Aggregate and link multiple accounts in one place to build a consolidated financial overview

Manage credit risk

Accurately assess credit risk and affordability using real-time transaction data

Build financial profile

Analyse and anticipate financial behaviour to make more informed decisions about your customers


  • We do the heavy lifting

    Our API normalises all the boring stuff so you can focus on your product.

  • Simplicity at its core

    We remove the technical complexity, making our API as easy to use and maintain as possible.

  • Licence taken care of

    Yapily’s licence grants you regulated access to open banking data and payments.


“Open banking is a game-changer that will help small businesses put digital at the heart of their finances.”

Chris Evans, Vice President & UK Country Manager at Intuit Quickbooks

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