Supercharge your payment experience

Yapily Payments enables direct account-to-account payments - no middlemen, no card rails and no unnecessary fees.


Improve convenience

Initiate payments directly from the bank through any third party application

Increase conversion

Automatically pre-populate payee details, speeding up input without manual error

Fight fraud

Accurate customer authentication with secure payment processes

Expedite settlement

Bank-to-bank payments using local payment rails speeds up the process, making settlement instant

Minimise costs

Completely bypass card schemes, interchange fees and unnecessary middlemen

Protect customers

Details are secure. No card details are shared or stored on file and no risk of chargebacks



Institutions seamlessly integrated with our open banking infrastructure


Countries and counting, plus our coverage is growing every week


PSD2 API - no legacy technology, no reverse engineering, no compromise

How It Works

Investor selects account

An app-based investment provider works with Yapily to offer a more streamlined payment experience. Whenever an investor is ready to top up their digital wallet and invest in more stocks, they select the bank account from which they want funds to be taken and begin the connection journey.

How It Works - Payments - Step 01 ImageHow It Works - Payments - Step 02How It Works - Payments - Step 03 Image
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  • Step 02

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Digital wallet top ups

Streamline digital wallet top ups with fully embedded payment experience

Merchant payments

Save money on interchange fees and reduce impact of fraud and data breaches

E- commerce payments

Optimise payment experience online and at point of sale


  • We do the heavy lifting

    Our API normalises all the boring stuff so you can focus on your product.

  • Simplicity at its core

    We remove the technical complexity, making our API as easy to use and maintain as possible.

  • Licence taken care of

    Yapily’s licence grants you regulated access to open banking data and payments.


"Our goal is to fix a broken payment landscape offering a frictionless service for our end customers and with Yapily we have been able to get closer to that quickly."

Carlos Gonzalez-Cadenas, COO at GoCardless

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