Smarter accounting with open banking

Businesses can seamlessly connect their bank with their accounting provider to get real-time cash flow visibility, streamline account reconciliation and manage invoice payments.

Link multiple accounts with one connection

Help businesses run their accounts more effectively by automatically showing all of bank transactions in their accounting platform.

With one seamless integration, accounting firms can obtain years of transaction history and categorised expenditure breakdowns.

Users benefit from real-time visibility of their business’ cash flow position, streamlined account reconciliation and automated payroll and invoice payments.

Open banking is a game-changer that will help small businesses put digital at the heart of their finances.
Chris Evans, Vice President & UK Country Manager at Intuit Quickbooks

Improve cash flow management

Real-time visibility on cash position across all accounts.

Streamline reconciliation

Reconcile bank statements with real time transaction data.

Manage payroll and invoices

Automate payroll and streamline invoice payments.

How it works

  • 1

    User selects their bank 

  • 2

    Provides consent 

  • 3

    Authorises access to their data 

  • 4

    All done, user is automatically redirected back to the app