Categorise & enrich financial data

Yapily has been built not as a point solution for a specific use case but as a horizontal infrastructure layer that can be used in a multitude of scenarios. We are agnostic to the type of financial data, what country it comes from, what language it is in and if it relates to consumers or businesses.

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100 million+

The Yapily models have seen over 100 million+ unique merchants across the globe and growing quickly every day.


There are over 60 million active businesses and 12,000+ new ones added every day in the US alone.


An average human takes 100 seconds and costs about a dollar to understand a single financial transaction. The Yapily API does it in milliseconds and costs cents.

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Digital Banking

Build a comprehensive picture of your customers and close data gaps with enriched financial data

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Business underwriting

Verify self-reported business data quickly with enriched financial data from the source of truth - bank accounts

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Consumer underwriting

Close the gaps of credit bureau data by leveraging enriched financial data

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Improve authorisation rates by using accurate and consistent financial data

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Financial operations

Enrich financial data so it is easy to track, reconcile and manage your money

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Personalise solutions

Use data insights to personalise product offerings, drive customer engagement, and improve conversion rates

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Consumer & Business Data+

Accurately categorise financial data from consumers or businesses.

Consistently standardise messy merchant names into a single entity. Including enriching financial data with merchant logo, website and location.

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Let us do the heavy lifting

Our API powers your applications behind the scenes so your product takes centre stage.

Simplicity at its core

Quickly and easily go-live with best-in-class developer documentation and hands-on support.

Licence taken care of

Innovate securely across payments and data, without the hassle of additional licences.

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One platform. Limitless possibilities. Let's build the future of finance together.