Virtual accounts for open banking payments

Use virtual accounts to collect open banking payments and instantly issue payouts and refunds across multi-currency accounts. Organise payment flows, trace funds, and stay updated in real time.

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Banks seamlessly integrate with our platform covering consumer and business payments


Countries and counting, with 95%+ account coverage in the UK and Germany


Applications created by customers, powered by Yapily's API

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Power global growth

Use vIBANs to cater to more customers by accepting domestic payments in GBP and EUR, while avoiding high international payment collection fees

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Manage your account your way

Make your virtual account work for you. Categorise payments by merchant, currency, or business to help you effectively manage cash flows.

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Shorten settlement times

Quickly move money in and out of your virtual accounts with multiple payment rails, including Faster Payments, CHAPS, and BACS in the UK, SEPA in Europe, and SWIFT

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Monitor payment status

Stay up-to-date and keep your customers informed with settlement confirmation and payment notifications

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Streamline reconciliation

Automate reconciliation and trace funds more easily by segregating payment receipts and funds across multiple accounts

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Save money

Avoid international payment fees and non competitive rates when paying an invoice in a currency different from your own

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Connect to Yapily's open banking infrastructure

A Payment Service Provider (PSP) uses Yapily’s payments infrastructure to offer new ways for merchants to collect payments using open banking. By connecting to Yapily’s infrastructure, PSPs can offer payment collection to over 2000+ banks.

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Let us do the heavy lifting

Our API powers your applications behind the scenes so your product takes centre stage.

Simplicity at its core

Quickly and easily go-live with best-in-class developer documentation and hands-on support.

Licence taken care of

Innovate securely across payments and data, without the hassle of additional licences.

Explore our API

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