Unlock your access to open banking

Unlock the potential of open banking for your business with Yapily Connect. Our licence grants you regulated access to open banking data and payments using Yapily's leading infrastructure.

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Gain access

Access open banking without the burden of obtaining the required license

Reduce risk

Get started with ease, making regulatory requirements more manageable

Expedite licensing

Be up and running in days rather than the months it takes to acquire a licence

Improve efficiency

Save precious resources with an easier way to access open banking

Supercharge growth

Connectivity across the UK and Europe that scales with your business

Unlock opportunity

Access the benefits of open banking for businesses, unlocking the power of open banking



Institutions seamlessly integrated with our open banking infrastructure


Countries and counting, plus our coverage is growing every week


PSD2 API - no legacy technology, no reverse engineering, no compromise

How It Works

Getting the right license without the hassle

Accessing open banking requires a Third-Party Provider (TPP) license, which is difficult to obtain and maintain. Acquiring a licence is time-consuming and expensive, adding a long term operational and compliance burden to any business, especially those that may have not been through the process before.

So how do you access all the great benefits of open banking while making regulatory requirements more manageable?

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Use Cases

Get the full picture

Easy, instant access to financial data. Gain a complete and consistent view of consumer and business information

Speed up onboarding

Access the customer details you need to confirm account ownership and better understand who you're doing business with

Supercharge payments

Initiate direct account-to-account bank payments, from any application, with no middlemen or unnecessary fees


"Using Yapily Connect helped us to go forward and keep moving as fast as possible."

Louis Langerman, Senior Product Manager, BUX

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