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How Open Banking payments can benefit ecommerce businesses and online payments.


26th November 2020

4 min read

4 ways Open Banking payments can help ecommerce businesses

This year has been a rollercoaster of lockdowns and restrictions. Businesses have suffered significantly, but online businesses have thrived. UK non-store sales rose by 102.6% in June, according to data from BDO’s High Street Sales Tracker (HSST). As expected July and August also saw a large increase of 81.6% and 72.4% in non-store sales year on year.

The lending industry is under immense pressure and Open Banking could provide a well needed shake up. Making financial data available for lenders to make better lending decisions and use Open Banking payments to reduce their costs.


28th October 2020

4 min read

Why lenders need Open Banking
Leading enterprise connectivity platform Yapily has announced that it is working with BUX, Europe’s largest mobile broker. The new partnership will enable German users of BUX Zero to seamlessly fund accounts and build an investment portfolio in seconds.


19th October 2020

4 min read

BUX and Yapily enable German users to invest in seconds
A Reverse Payment is an essential functionality for a merchant when using Open Banking, ultimately Open Banking reverse payments are refunds. However, they work in a slightly different way to traditional refunds, hence why they are called reverse payments.


14th October 2020

3 min read

What are Reverse Payments in Open Banking?

Simply put, a reverse payment in Open Banking is a secondary payment to the original payer for the same monetary amount, effectively ‘refunding’ the original payment.

We’re pleased to announce that our Open Banking API is now available for fintechs and businesses to access consumer accounts in Spain, providing seamless and secure access to financial data.


27th August 2020

2 min read

The Yapily platform is live in Spain!

Open Banking is transforming financial services, and Yapily is on a mission to provide the greatest coverage in Europe. So we’re pleased to announce that our API is now available for fintechs and businesses to access consumer accounts in Spain, providing seamless and secure access to financial data. This enables companies to expand their offering to Spanish customers, while leveraging the opportunities of Open Banking to create new and innovative products.

The Open Banking roadmap is coming to an end and the funding of the OBIE or future equivalent governing body is in jeopardy. We discuss what a clear path to Open Finance and an Open Economy, whilst maintaining the foundations of PSD2, actually looks like.

Ron Carey

21st August 2020

5 min read

Open Banking: what happens to the funding model after the roadmap?

The UK Finance ‘Open Banking Future State’ report looks at the evolution of the Open Banking ecosystem beyond the final roadmap. The future of Open Banking and how the ecosystem needs to be supported as we move forward to Open Finance and Open Data is of paramount importance for the industry and regulators. But what does the future funding model look like? And what does this mean for the fintech community?