Our new improved ticketing tool

Here at Yapily, we work hard to provide the best customer experience possible. As a result of customer feedback, on Monday 6th June we’re launching a new customer support ticketing system, full of improvements that better meet our customer's dynamic needs.

It’s been a great year at Yapily and we’ve loved welcoming lots of new customers to the Yapily family. We don’t stop the hard work once you’ve completed onboarding; we keep working hard to make sure that we are constantly meeting (and exceeding) your expectations. Our mission is to provide better and faster financial services for everyone, and we believe that an exceptional customer experience is essential to reaching our goals. In line with this mission, we have created a brand new web portal that will improve the way you interact with the customer support team here at Yapily, making it even easier for you to raise tickets and communicate with the team.

What’s new?

You gave us feedback and we listened. To make sure that you’re always benefiting from the best customer experience possible we’ve made several improvements to suit your specific needs.

  • You will be able to create, view, and update your own and your colleagues’ support tickets via a new web portal. We’ll still send any updates via email so don’t worry about missing any information!

  • Periodically we’ll send you satisfaction surveys after a ticket has been resolved so you can tell us whether or not we’ve met your expectations. This will allow us to better track how well we’re doing overall and also work with you to quickly address your concerns.

  • We’ll be launching a new Knowledge base with frequently asked questions from real customer tickets, to ensure that we are sharing relevant information and to help you find answers to your questions as quickly as possible.

  • Internally, we’ll have better visibility of our Support team performance, and customer and bank pain points. This will allow us to direct our resources where they’ll make the most impact.

What happens to my existing tickets?

We are still working through existing tickets to make sure that any issues are resolved. All tickets opened within the past year will remain visible. However, because we have created a new portal, you will need to create a new password to view your support requests whether they are new or historical.

Your support portal is independent of your Yapily dashboard and console account, so you will need to create a separate sign-in.

What action do I need to take?

The move over to the new portal should be as seamless as possible, with limited work on your end. However, if you have any ongoing tickets, you will receive an email update with a new ticket ID number from us via the new ticketing system. From that point onwards, you will then need to communicate any updates via that new email thread.

The customer support team are on hand to help you through the transition process and beyond, so be sure to reach out to us at support@yapily.com if you have any questions at all.

We’re excited to show you our new and improved system and we hope it makes working with Yapily more seamless than ever before.


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