Yapily increases European coverage for open banking with new partnerships in Ireland and Italy

25th February, London 2020: Due to growing customer demand, enterprise connectivity platform Yapily has today announced it has expanded its accounts coverage to Ireland and Italy. This is part of the FinTech’s mission to drive complete connectivity for Open Banking within the UK, Europe and beyond.

In Ireland, Yapily’s Open API is now connected with the country’s biggest banks including Bank of Ireland, Allied Irish Bank and Ulster Bank. While in Italy, Yapily has already established 80% coverage with the likes of Unicredit and Intesa Sanpaolo.

Within the Italian market, this has already driven new partnerships with new fintech partners, such as Moneyfarm, which are utilising Yapily’s to develop faster, affordable and personalised services.

Stefano Vaccino, CEO and founder of Yapily adds: “Expanding our coverage within Ireland and Italy, brings us closer to our goal of delivering pan-European coverage for Open Banking. With customers already testing bank accounts within France, Germany and Spain, we will have 80% of European coverage by the end of May.

“This means our customers have access to thousands of European bank accounts, which they can plug directly into their products. Within minutes companies can build products that enrich their customer experience with personalised financial services. This drives competition in the market, and ensures that whether you’re a large fintech or just starting out, the benefits Open Banking are available to all.”

Moneyfarm plans to significantly reduce onboarding time for new customers and provide them with a faster and easier way to fund their investments.

Commenting on the new partnership, Dr Oliver Vins, Chief Product Officer at Moneyfarm says: “Moneyfarm has partnered with Yapily to leverage the opportunities presented by Open Banking and PSD2 to improve our overall customer experience. Working closely with the Yapily team, we plan to significantly reduce onboarding time for new customers and provide them with a faster and easier way to fund their investments. Yapily’s commitment and ability to provide coverage across Italy, UK and Germany makes it an ideal fit for Moneyfarm.”

About Yapily

Yapily is an enterprise connectivity platform, enabling companies to seamlessly access users’ financial data. Powering a new era of financial services, Yapily empowers people and companies around the world to receive faster, affordable and personalised products.

The company has raised $5.4m in funding to date, and over the last 6 months monthly recurring revenue has grown over 500%. Headquartered in London, UK, Yapily employs over 40 people and continues to scale rapidly.

For further press enquiries, please contact: yapily@octopusgrp.com ; 020 3837 3747


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