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Introducing the next generation of international payments

Understanding Open Banking for FX and Remittances

Yapily’s open banking solution transforms the settlement process for users and unlocks world class operational efficiency for FX and Remittance providers. In a few simple clicks, users can fund their trade from your own platform.

Our latest guide to open banking payments covers:

  • Improved user experience; No manual entry of card details / setting up bank transfers
  • Instant settlement; Transforming the overall transaction speed
  • Zero interchange fees; Directly contributing to your bottom line
  • Enhanced security; Each payment underpinned by the bank’s SCA
  • Drive down operational costs: Smooth and streamlined reconciliation with less time spent tracking payments.

Say goodbye to excessive card fees! Download the guide now to transform your payment processes and embrace a more profitable future with Yapily.

Build personalised financial experiences for your customers with Yapily. One platform. Limitless possibilities.

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