60-second success story: Comma + Yapily

Understand how Yapily helps Comma remove the manual headache of processing bulk payments for SMEs

The problem

SMEs are still underserved when it comes to their payment needs. While individual payments can be relatively painless, making multiple payments at once can become far more complex. SMEs still rely on inefficient legacy solutions, causing manual headaches when paying staff, suppliers, and customers on time, every time.

The solution: Yapily Bulk Payments

Working in close partnership with Yapily, Comma has simplified the complex bulk payments process through the power of open banking. Yapily’s infrastructure provides Comma with the API connection they need to build a reliable, secure, and scalable bulk payments feature for SMEs.

Comma provides SMEs with the power to pay multiple suppliers at once from their existing business bank account, removing the manual headache of entering individual details for every payment, automating the entire bulk payments process.

“It’s fair to say that Yapily is an integral part of Comma - the value that Yapily adds by delivering API standardisation and bank integrations really helps us focus on our mission to make payments better for SMEs.” - Ger Kelly, Head of Banking, Comma

The impact

  • Over £12 million in payments have been processed through open banking by Comma users
  • Payments to over 10,000 suppliers and employees are now automated, enabling them to save time and money
  • The finance team saved around 77% of the time they usually spend each month processing bulk payments


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