60-second success story: Arthur + Yapily

Find out how Yapily helped Arthur, an award-winning property management software platform, digitise the tenancy journey and reduce the manual headache of rent payment reconciliation using open banking.

The problem

The lettings sector has typically been slow to respond to changes in consumer behaviour and expectations. But with the ever-growing influence of proptech in the market, we have seen advancements in the digitisation of the tenant journey. As a result of changing market conditions over the last few years especially, tenants expect much faster results and more convenient services. Outdated technology systems are struggling to meet this demand, leaving property managers constantly facing issues ranging from limitations of basic property management systems to inefficient processes that could easily be automated, and decentralised operations for data and financial management.

It has become increasingly crucial that letting agents and property managers be as efficient as possible in their processes for both their own business and their customers. Ensuring that each property is consistently filled with the right tenants, having clear visibility and transparency of information, establishing open lines of communication with all stakeholders and providing exceptional, streamlined service for clients has become of paramount importance.

The solution: Yapily Data

Despite some parts of the property market remaining stuck using legacy systems, a greater number of agents are looking to innovative and forward-thinking solutions to address the way in which they approach the residential process successfully. By streamlining the ways in which every day tasks are enacted, countless hours can be saved whilst virtually eliminating the chance of issues arising due to human error.

Arthur brings everything on to one easy-to-use platform, simplifying operational processes to establish a fully integrated infrastructure around which businesses can improve their service offering and achieve scalable growth. Property managers can confidently manage and streamline their business’ financial management with Arthur’s powerful financial module, combined with an integrated live bank feed, and intuitive reporting functionality powered by Yapily Data, to ensure that their operation can swiftly generate the data and actionable insight they need.

As such, whether a property manager oversees 300 units, a letting agent handles 150, or a self-managing landlord manages 25, open banking technology enables Arthur to provide property managers an unparalleled opportunity to boost efficiency and grow their portfolios.

To improve a manual two step process for clients of receiving rents then reconciling those receipts to the bank statement. Through Account Aggregation, powered by Yapily Data, Arthur is able to offer a live one step process; reduces the likelihood of human error.

“Yapily was the most flexible option, and their scalable infrastructure has meant that we are confident in our partnership and the ability of the future evolution. Their API structure meant that it was simple to implement and has enabled us to boost our service offering, and provide a greater spectrum of features for our clients.” - Patrick Caulfield, Managing Director at Arthur

The impact

  • 4.5% of customers using the live bank feed
  • Customers have completed over 1 million live syncs


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